Once bound by an “alliance,” the relationship between California Nurses Association and National Union of Healthcare Workers has soured.

In 2017, The Intercept reported a coalition built to support single payer health insurance, a long-time CNA goal, fractured due to CNA’s bullying tactics and lack of partnership.  “One labor group, the National Union of Healthcare Workers, is in active discussions with its executive board to withdraw from Healthy California’s steering committee, according to its president, Sal Rosselli,” the article reported.  Roselli “expressed disappointment with what he called CNA’s unwillingness to collaborate. “They established the steering committee two months ago, the price was $25,000,” Rosselli said. “It was framed to me and the executive board that we would meet to make strategic decisions. But it’s not real.”

In 2013, after CNA and NUHW joined forces to ‘stand up to common enemies’, questions came to light about what the nature of the agreement was, how many millions of dollars in union dues will not be repaid, and whether nurses in an LA union local were ‘sold off’ by NUHW to CNA to pay off a debt.

According to a 2014 Form filed by CNA, there is currently more than $7.2 million in member dues that were loaned to NUHW.  Read more »

This amount includes a prior loan of $2,000,000 made in 2008-2009, well before the unions were aligned. Read more »

According to NUHW President Sal Rosselli, CNA contributed $5 million to NUHW, however it is unclear if this amount is covered under the amount listed on the most recent LM-2s or if it is in addition to the $7,233,776 outstanding loans.

With so many questions about how much in member dues have gone toward keeping NUHW afloat, it’s no wonder SEIU called CNA an ‘ATM for NUHW.’ Read more »

The California Hospital Association claims CNA’s participation in NUHW’s ‘Sympathy Strike’ was linked to CNA’s loan to UNHW and not about patient care. Read more »

In 2013, when CNA affiliated with NUHW to fight ‘common enemies’, the agreement contained a financial component for repaying the loans CNA made to NUHW, which would indicate the loans were made to keep NUHW financially afloat during its fight against SEIU. Now, the fight is over, but more recent forms files shows the loans were deemed ‘uncollectible’ and written off.



Amount California Nurses Association has loaned to NUHW since 2009.



With so many questions surrounding the alliance between CNA and NUHW, our members deserve answers about how much of our union dues were spent to keep NUHW afloat.

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Conferences at posh ski lodge’s and staff retreats at seaside hideaways are just a few of the ways CNA executives spend our member dues. See how else they spend our money.